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GraphQL: Designing APIs for the Internet of Everything

GraphQL is not just changing the way we think about APIs, but transforming how we build applications for the modern internet. GraphQL was conceived when Facebook was rebuilding their

TensorFlow Applications with Rajat Monga

Rajat Monga is a director of engineering at Google where he works on TensorFlow. TensorFlow is a framework for numerical computation developed at Google. The majority of TensorFlow users

Developer Analytics with Calvin French-Owen

“Its sort of like the old joke in computer science – what do you do when you have a problem? Well, add a layer of abstraction.” Today’s guest is Calvin French-Owen, the CTO of

Gitter Engineering with Mike Bartlett and Andrew Newdigate

“The most important thing behind it is to think about developers in the way that product people think about consumers, and that the first time experience of your API needs to be