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Pricing and Packaging Orchestration with Anton Zagrebelny

Most companies aren’t in the building business yet they need to deal with pricing and billing as a core piece of technology whether they want to or not. Stigg is an easy to

Secure Workflows on Sensitive Data with Amruta Moktali

With an increasing number of data breaches impacting customer trust, prioritizing data privacy and security is more important than ever. However, as you layer on security and privacy,

LiveBlocks with Guillaume Salles

Creating great creative tools is extremely difficult. There are thousands of paths a user could take, and every aspect of the user experience has to be carefully considered and optimized

Emerging Architectures for Real-Time Analytics in Applications

There’s been a proliferation of applications that are all about using data to derive actionable insights. Companies like Command Alkon digitize construction logistics by providing a

Akita: Application Programming Interfaces with Jean Yang

An Application Programming Interface, API for short, is the connector between 2 applications. For example, a user interface that needs user data will call an endpoint, like a special