Apache Kafka

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Streaming Analytics with Hojjat Jafarpour

Streaming analytics refers to the process of analyzing real-time data that is generated continuously and rapidly from various sources, such as sensors, applications, social media, and

LinkedIn Kafka with Nacho Solis (Repeat)

Originally published October 18, 2019 Apache Kafka was created at LinkedIn. Kafka was open sourced in 2011, when the company was eight years old. By that time, LinkedIn had developed a

Kafka Applications with Tim Berglund (Repeat)

Originally published September 17, 2019 Ever since Apache Kafka was open sourced from LinkedIn, it has been used to solve a wide variety of problems in distributed systems and data

Pravega: Storage for Streams with Flavio Junqueira

“Data stream” is a word that can be used in multiple ways. A stream can refer to data in motion or data at rest.  When a stream is data in motion, an endpoint is receiving new

Managing Cloud Data Services with Heroku

Nearly all modern web applications depend on persisted data in order to function. Since the introduction of frameworks such as JavaScript in the late 1990s, developers have demanded more