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Schedulers with Adrian Cockcroft Holiday Repeat

Originally published on July 6, 2016. Scheduling is the method by which work is assigned to resources to complete that work. At the operating system level, this can mean scheduling of

Cloud Cost Optimization

This post is sponsored by DoiT International. Utilizing the cloud in your business or application is a requirement in today’s tech environment. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

How we serve 25M API calls from 10 scalable global endpoints for $150 a month

This Article was originally written by Jonathan Kosgei on FreeCodeCamp. Reposted with permission. I woke up on Black Friday last year to a barrage of emails from users reporting 503

Scaling Lyft with Matt Klein

Matt Klein has worked for three rapidly growing Internet companies. At AWS, he worked on EC2, the compute-as-a-service product that powers a large percentage of the Internet. At Twitter,

Powering Search and Discovery at VICE

This Article was originally written by Michael Henderson on Medium. Reposted with permission from VICE Tech. At VICE Media, we have a lot of content. At the time of writing, we have