Amazon Web Services

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AWS Open Guide with Joshua Levy

Amazon Web Services changed the economics of building an internet application. Instead of having to invest tens of thousands of dollars up front for hardware, developers can pay for

Serverless Architecture with Mike Roberts

“Serverless” usually refers to an architectural pattern where the server side logic is run in stateless compute containers that are event-triggered and ephemeral. Mike Roberts has

Scalable Architecture with Lee Atchison

Lee Atchison spent seven years at Amazon working in retail, software distribution, and Amazon Web Services. He then moved to New Relic, where he has spent four years scaling the

Schedulers with Adrian Cockcroft

Scheduling is the method by which work is assigned to resources to complete that work. At the operating system level, this can mean scheduling of threads and processes. At the data

Cloud Providers with Don Pezet

In 1999, it took $50,000 to buy a server. Once you bought that server, you had to know how to operate and maintain it. Today, cloud service providers have changed how we build software.