How To Build A Cloud Provider with Anurag Goel

Render is a cloud provider built on top of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Render uses the compute abstractions provided by the major cloud providers to build a second layer cloud provider with the goal of providing a better user experience.

Anurag Goel is the founder of Render, and he returns to the show to discuss how Render works, and why there is a need for a new cloud provider. 

Everyone knows that the market for cloud providers is gigantic, so why are so few companies pursuing it? From Anurag’s perspective, there is no good reason. AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean, and Heroku have only explored a small percentage of the potential ways a cloud provider could be built.

Anurag shares his strategy for building Render, and also talks through his belief around modern software engineering, including his belief that developers mostly choose their tools based on what they read from popular websites rather than what solves their problems–a phenomenon which he describes as “fashion driven development.”

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