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Using Software to Discover Rare Diseases with Matt Might

“In many ways, nature is still the fastest computer we have when it comes to studying disease.” Software engineering is a deterministic field. We write lines of code, and feed data
rare diseases with matt might

Distributed Systems with Leslie Lamport

This episode is a republication from my interview with Leslie Lamport on Software Engineering Radio. Leslie Lamport won a Turing Award in 2013 for his work in distributed and concurrent

Computational Neuroscience with Jeremy Freeman

“You want to take a scientist who knows a little bit of matlab programming and try to teach them mapreduce, and write a mapreduce program in java to do image processing? It’s a

Applying Software Research to Industry with Amy Ko

“It’s not just about tools, it’s also a lot about how you structure a team, how you structure the communication between engineers, how you facilitate decision making –
industry and academia

Machine Learning for Businesses with Joshua Bloom

“You’ve got software engineers who are interested in machine learning, and think what they need to do is just bring in another module and then that will solve their problem. It’s