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CoreOS Tectonic & Kubernetes Overview


The most popular episodes about containers and Kubernetes:

Kubernetes Migration with Sheriff Mohamed

Sheriff Mohamed discusses migrating his company GolfNOW’s application to Kubernetes. It’s a great show for anyone who is moving a large team to Kubernetes, or considering the technology for their application.

Kubernetes, Docker, and the Distributed Operating System with Kelsey Hightower

Kubernetes was created at Google, and Kelsey Hightower is a staff developer advocate working at Google. He joins me in a conversation about how Kubernetes works, and why it is important to an average developer. We touch on how software engineering is going to look in the next 5-10 years, and how a lot of the work around distributed systems will become much easier over time.

CoreOS with Brandon Philips

In a data center, the main job of the operating system is to be a platform for containers to run smoothly on. Brandon Philips is the CTO of CoreOS and he joins the show to explain what CoreOS does differently to power the applications that get deployed on top of it.

Google’s Container Management with Brendan Burns

Brendan Burns is a founder of the Kubernetes project, and he joins us to talk about the lessons learned as Google has built containerized applications to distribute across its massive infrastructure. We talk about Docker, Borg, Kubernetes, and other distributed systems technologies.

Event Driven Serverless with Sebastien Goasgoen

Sebastien Goasgoen works on Kubeless, a serverless execution tool built on top of Kubernetes. In this episode, we explore his take on the “serverless on Kubernetes” problem.