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Crypto and OSS with Haseeb Qureshi, Joseph Jacks, and Alok Vasudev

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized monetary systems built on open source software. The open source software movement has evolved from the world of Linux, MySQL, and Apache to a thriving

Technical Onboarding with Kristen Gallagher

When a new employee joins a software company, it is often unclear where that employee should begin. Do they have a mentor? What are they working on? What are the expectations for how

Time Series Databases with Rob Skillington

A time series database is optimized for the storage of high volumes of sequential data across time. Time series databases are often organized as columnar data stores that can write large

Insurance Software with Gordon Wintrob

Insurance is an old business. Individuals and businesses have been buying insurance policies for decades. These insurance policies can cost hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of

Open Source Business Models with Karthik Ranganathan, Heather Meeker, and Matt Asay

Open source software has evolved into a thriving, multifaceted ecosystem. Open source encompasses operating systems and databases. Open source embodies both altruism and self-interest.