Sean Falconer

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Biotech Special: AI Protein Engineering with Eddie Abrams

Antibodies are a type of protein molecule produced by the immune system. They recognize and attach to other molecules with remarkable precision. Typically antibodies target foreign

Biotech Special: ML at Recursion with Jordan Christensen and Imran Haque

Recursion is at the leading edge of applying AI and ML to drug development. The company exemplifies a new wave of “techbio” companies, that tightly couple compute and

NVIDIA and the Future of 3D Development with Aaron Luk

Producing 3D films, games and simulations is a complex process, often involving multiple teams and tools. At Pixar, pipeline engineers needed to write lots of glue code to integrate

Biotech Special: a16z and the Biotech Revolution with Vijay Pande

There is a revolution unfolding in biotech. The confluence of new biological methods like CRISPR, virtually unlimited computational capacity, and machine learning has fundamentally

Building a Data Lake with Adam Ferrari

Starburst is a data lake analytics platform. It’s designed to help users work with structured data at scale, and is built on the open source platform, Trino. Adam Ferrari is the