Sean Falconer

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AI at Redis with Brian Sam-Bodden

Redis is an in-memory database that can be used for caching, vector search, and as a message broker. Brian Sam-Bodden is a Senior Applied AI Engineer at Redis. He joins the show to talk

One Year of ChatGPT with Christian Hubicki

ChatGPT has been out for more than a year and has since become the centerpiece of intense discussion and debate about AI. Christian Hubicki is a renowned robotics research scientist and

The Challenge of API Design with Lauren Long

A common challenge for developers of SaaS products is integrating with existing services, including services that customers might already be using. For example, a SaaS product might need

DataStax with Ed Anuff

DataStax is a generative AI data company that provides tools and services to build AI and other data-intensive applications. Ed Anuff is the Chief Product Officer at DataStax. He joins

Unstructured Data and LLMs with Crag Wolfe and Matt Robinson

The majority of enterprise data exists in heterogenous formats such as HTML, PDF, PNG, and PowerPoint. However, large language models do best when trained with clean, curated data. This