Lee Atchison

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Building a Unified Hardware API at Intel with James Reinders

oneAPI is an open standard for a unified API to be used across different computing accelerator architectures. This including GPUs, AI accelerators, and FPGAs. The goal of oneAPI is to

Building Chess.com with Jay Severson

Chess.com started in 2007 and grew steadily in the years following. The platform exploded in popularity during the pandemic, to the point that their servers struggled with the traffic.

Edward Snowden’s Operating System with REDACTED

Software security is a critical issue for everyone, but it takes on an entirely different dimension when your life, or the lives of others, depend on it. Consider the security needs of

CockroachDB with Jordan Lewis

SQL databases were built for data consistency and vertical scalability. They did this very well for the long era of monolithic applications running in dedicated, single-server

Rama with Nathan Marz

Building scalable software applications can be complex and typically requires dozens of different tools. The engineering often involves handling many arcane tasks that are distant from