Cloud Engineering

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Istio Motivations with Louis Ryan

A single user request hits Google’s servers. A user is looking for search results. In order to deliver those search results, that request will have to hit several different internal

Kubernetes Usability with Joe Beda

Docker was released in 2013, and popularized the use of containers. A container is an abstraction for isolating a well-defined portion of an operating system. Developers quickly latched

Cloud R&D with Onsi Fakhouri

In the first 10 years of cloud computing, a set of technologies emerge that every software enterprise needs; continuous delivery, version control, logging, monitoring, routing, data

Cloud Foundry with Rupa Nandi

Cloud Foundry is an open-source platform as a service for deploying and managing web applications. Cloud Foundry is widely used by enterprises who are running applications that are built

High Volume Logging with Steve Newman

Google Docs is used by millions of people to collaborate on documents together. With today’s technology, you could spend a weekend coding and build a basic version of a collaborative