Cloud Engineering

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Distributed Tracing Infrastructure with Ben Sigelman and Alex Kehlenbeck

Ben Sigelman   Alex Kehlenbeck Observability consists of metrics, logs, and traces. Lightstep is a company that builds distributed tracing infrastructure, which requires them to store

SingleStore with Jordan Tigani

SingleStore is a multi-use, multi-model database designed for transactional and analytic workloads, as well as search and other domain specific applications. SingleStore is the evolution

Vantage Engineering with Ben Schaechter

Vantage is a system for optimizing cloud costs. It provides tools and interfaces for developers to analyze how they are spending on AWS resources, and has recently expanded into GCP as

Nodeless Kubernetes with Madhuri Yechuri

Managing Kubernetes nodes leads to operational complexity, security issues, and nodes that are perhaps more expensive to run than necessary. Deferring the node management to an

Architecting for Scale with Lee Atchison

Lee Atchison spent seven years at Amazon working in retail, software distribution, and Amazon Web Services. He then moved to New Relic, where he has spent four years scaling the