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Stately with Laura Kalbag

Stately is a web-based drag and drop editor for collaboratively developing code, diagrams, and documentation. Laura Kalbag is the Developer Advocate at Stately and she joins the show

Graphical Photorealism with Andrew Price the Blender Guru

The power of 3D graphics hardware and rendering technology is improving at an astonishing pace. To achieve high graphical fidelity, assets that compose 3D worlds must feature an

Biotech Special: AI Protein Engineering with Eddie Abrams

Antibodies are a type of protein molecule produced by the immune system. They recognize and attach to other molecules with remarkable precision. Typically antibodies target foreign

Portal 64 with James Lambert

Portal is a 2007 game developed by Valve, where the player encounters puzzles that must be solved using the “portal gun”, a device that can create inter-spatial portals

Waymo and Autonomous Driving with David Margines

Waymo is an autonomous driving company that had its start as the Google Self-Driving Car Project. David Margines is a Director of Product Management at Waymo and he joins the podcast to