Google Ventures with Erik Nordlander

GV, or Google Ventures, is an independent venture capital firm backed by Alphabet.

Erik Nordlander is a General Partner at GV and invests across enterprise software and frontier technology, focusing on developer tools, cloud infrastructure and machine learning. He has backed companies like Cockroach, Warp and Neo4j. Prior to joining GV in 2010 and opening up the firm’s New York City office, Erik was at Google and led development of the company’s next-gen display and serving system, and built statistical and machine learning models for Google’s ad businesses.

Erik joins the podcast to talk about his work.

Gregor Vand is a security-focused technologist, and is the founder and CTO of Mailpass. Previously, Gregor was a CTO across cybersecurity, cyber insurance and general software engineering companies. He has been based in Asia Pacific for almost a decade and can be found via his profile at


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