Bringing Godot to Mobile with Hein-Pieter van Braam

Godot is a free, open-source game engine that’s growing rapidly in popularity. Ramatak is a new public benefit company founded by Godot engine veterans Hein-Pieter van Braam and Ariel Manzur. The goal of Ramatak is to help make Godot the number one choice for creating, deploying, and monetizing games on iOS and Android.

Hein-Pieter joins the show today to talk about his early career in Linux infrastructure, the shift to working on game engines, and his current work on Ramatak.

Joe Nash is a developer, educator, and award-winning community builder, who has worked at companies including GitHub, Twilio, Unity, and PayPal. Joe got his start in software development by creating mods and running servers for Garry’s Mod, and game development remains his favorite way to experience and explore new technologies and concepts.

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