Twisp: Reinventing the Ledger with Jarred Ward

Monolithic relational databases are the traditional foundation of financial core ledger systems. Nevertheless, the process of building and operating  mission-critical ledgers to track and reconcile payments and money movement is complex. 

Twisp is rethinking core accounting and financial orchestration on a cloud-native ledger system, so developers can stop re-inventing the ledger and focus on building products their customer’s love. 

When you provision an instance of the Twisp accounting core, you get a transactions ledger for double-entry accounting, a chart of accounts to represent any economic activity, and layered balances for tracking settled, pending, and planned funds flows. All of this is accessible via a straightforward GraphQL API.

In this episode, we speak with Jarred Ward, Co-founder & CEO of Twisp

Previously, Jarred was principal engineer at Simple, the first neobank, and later led the team building Open Platform at BBVA, one of the first banking-as-a-service products. 

To learn more about Twisp and get access to a sandbox ledger, go to:

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