Creation Labs: Self Driving Trucks with Jakub Langr

Creation Labs is helping bring Europe 1 step closer to fully autonomous long haul trucking. They have developed an AI Driver Assistance System (AIDAS) that retrofits to any commercial vehicle, starting with VW Crafters and MAN TGE trucks. Their system uses camera hardware mounted to the vehicle to capture video data that is processed with computer vision to understand the context on the road. This piece of the system was developed by the world’s leading experts in computer vision. While the computer interprets what is happening on the road, data is sent to a processing system that can control the vehicle’s break, throttle, and steering. 

The AIDAS system currently augments a driver’s role but does not replace the need for one yet. However, the difference between great drivers and bad drivers is around a 30% difference in fuel efficiency, according to Creation Labs. They have trained their systems with data from the best drivers in order to lower fuel costs for vehicles driven by their AIDAS. They’ve also built their system using the highest standards of safety.

Jakub Langr is the CEO of Creation Labs and an Oxford-educated data scientist with 10 years of industry experience. He discusses Creation Labs’s vision for the future and the impact their incredible product is having on customers’ profit margins and emissions.

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