Traces: Video Recognition with Veronica Yurchuk and Kostyantyn Shysh (Summer Break Repeat)

Originally published October 8, 2019. We are taking a few weeks off. We’ll be back soon with new episodes.

Video surveillance impacts human lives every day. 

On most days, we do not feel the impact of video surveillance. But the effects of video surveillance have tremendous potential. It can be used to solve crimes and find missing children. It can be used to intimidate journalists and empower dictators. Like any piece of technology, video surveillance can be used for good or evil.

Video recognition lets us make better use of video feeds. A stream of raw video doesn’t provide much utility if we can’t easily model its contents. Without video recognition, we must have a human sitting in front of the video to manually understand what is going on in that video.

Veronica Yurchuk and Kosh Shysh are the founders of, a company building video recognition technology focused on safety, anonymity, and positive usage. They join the show to discuss the field of video analysis, and their vision for how video will shape our lives in the future.


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