Frontend Performance with Anycart’s Rafael Sanches

There are many bad recipe web sites. Every time I navigate to a recipe website, it feels like my browser is filling up with spyware. The page loads slowly, everything seems broken, I can feel the 25 different JavaScript adtech tags interrupting each other. Whether I am searching for banana bread or a spaghetti sauce recipe, recipe sites usually make me lose my appetite.

Anycart is a recipe platform that allows users to buy all of the ingredients for the recipe and have those ingredients delivered. It’s a vertically integrated content site and delivery system. It is also beautifully designed and extremely performant. I learned about it from Zack Bloom, who works at Cloudflare, as he mentioned it as a case study in performance.

Rafael Sanches is a founder of Anycart, and he joins the show to talk about building a recipe delivery service, and the innovations in performance that were necessary to building it.

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