V8 Lite with Ross McIlroy

V8 is the JavaScript engine that runs Chrome. Every popular website makes heavy use of JavaScript, and V8 manages the execution environment of that code. The code that processes in your browser can run faster or slower depending on how “hot” the codepath is. If a certain line of code is executed frequently, that code might be optimized to run faster.

V8 is running behind the scenes in your browser all the time, evaluating the code in your different tabs and determining how to manage that runtime in memory. As V8 is observing your code and analyzing it, V8 needs to allocate resources in order to determine what code to optimize. This process can be quite memory intensive, and can add significant overhead to the memory overhead of Chrome.

Ross McIlroy is an engineer at Google, where he worked on a project called V8 Lite. The goal of V8 Lite was to significantly reduce the execution overhead of V8. Ross joins the show to talk about JavaScript memory consumption, and his work on V8 Lite. We have done some great shows on JavaScript in the past, which you can find on SoftwareDaily.com. Also, if you are interested in writing about JavaScript, we have a new writing feature that you can check out by going to SoftwareDaily.com/write.


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