Cloud Kitchen Platform with Ashley Colpaart

Food delivery apps have changed how the restaurant world operates. After seven years of mobile food delivery, the volume of food ordered through these apps has become so large that entire restaurants can be sustained solely through the order flow that comes in from the apps. This raises the question as to why you even need an “on-prem” restaurant.

A cloud kitchen is a large, shared kitchen where food is prepared for virtual restaurants. These virtual restaurants exist only on mobile apps. There are no waiters, there are only the food delivery couriers who pick up the food from these warehouse-sized food preparation facilities. 

A virtual restaurant entrepreneur could open up multiple restaurants operated from the same cloud kitchen. The mobile app user might see separate restaurant listings for a pizza place, a cookie bakery, and a Thai food restaurant, when all of them are operated by the same restaurateur.

Ashley Colpaart is the founder of The Food Corridor, a system for cloud kitchen management. Ashley joins the show to talk about the dynamics of virtual restaurants and the cloud kitchen industry.

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