Pulumi: Infrastructure as Code with Joe Duffy

Infrastructure-as-code allows developers to use programming languages to define the architecture of their software deployments, including servers, load balancers, and databases. 

There have been several generations of infrastructure-as-code tools. Systems such as Chef, Puppet, Salt, and Ansible provided a domain-specific imperative scripting language that became popular along with the early growth of Amazon Web Services. Hashicorp’s Terraform project created an open source declarative model for infrastructure. Kubernetes YAML definitions are also a declarative system for infrastructure as code.

Pulumi is a company that offers a newer system for infrastructure as code, combining declarative and imperative syntax. Pulumi programs can be written in TypeScript, Python, Go, or .NET. Joe Duffy is the CEO of Pulumi, and he joins the show to talk about his work on the Pulumi project and his vision for the company. Joe also discusses his twelve years at Microsoft, and how his work in programming language tooling shaped how he thinks about building infrastructure-as-code.

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