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Software has changed the way the world functions. The rapid pace of change has made it difficult to know how to navigate the new world. Knowledge workers who want to keep advancing in their careers develop a strategy of continuous learning in order to adapt to these changes.

O’Reilly Media has existed for almost 40 years, providing resources for the technical consumer. As O’Reilly has expanded its product line from books to conferences to online learning, the business has grown slowly but steadily. That business trajectory stands in contrast to many of the software companies that are financially structured to either grow rapidly or die.

Today, O’Reilly has a large impact on the software ecosystem. Software professionals congregate at O’Reilly conferences. Enterprises pay O’Reilly to educate their employees. And O’Reilly continues to grow into new product lines, recently acquiring the interactive learning platform Katacoda, which can be used to learn about Kubernetes and other popular technologies.

In a previous episode, we discussed Tim O’Reilly’s book “What’s The Future”. In today’s show, Tim returns to the show to discuss his experience building O’Reilly, and how his business philosophy contrasts with much of the assumed wisdom of software company building.

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