Facebook Scaling with Pedram Keyani

Facebook is a large multiuser application. Scaling Facebook was different than scaling a single-user application such as an ecommerce store or a search engine. A social network is faced with unique infrastructure scalability challenges, as well as subjective questions around user communications, privacy, and content.

Pedram Keyani worked at Google before joining Facebook in 2007. In his years at Facebook, he worked on infrastructure, internal tools, and management. He became deeply familiar with the company culture and its operations. Pedram joins the show to talk about how Facebook has scaled and the lessons he took away from his time there.

After his time at Facebook, Pedram joined Uber, where he worked as a director of engineering for four years. Uber is another multi-user application, with a very different set of constraints. At Uber, Pedram worked on several projects, including Uber’s push into China, which he describes as an intense, competitive experience. Pedram is able to contrast the culture and scaling processes of Uber, Facebook, and Google which made this a rare opportunity to see how three different high performing companies build software differently.

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