Emerging Markets: Vietnam with Charles Lee

Skyline of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at dusk.

From Africa to India to Asia to South America–computer science and programming are rising in popularity in every emerging market. Each of these markets has regional needs for technology. Just like every culture develops its own food and television, every culture needs different types of applications to run their lives.

In Vietnam, the day-to-day life of a citizen is different than it is in the United States. Yes, everyone needs Google and YouTube and Instagram. But the trends in messaging, food delivery, gig economy, and other B2C technology sectors are considerably different than the west.

Charles Lee is the founder of CoderSchool a coding school in Vietnam. Before moving to Vietnam to start CoderSchool, he worked as a software engineer in San Francisco for several years. In today’s show, Charles describes the difference between the US and Vietnamese technology sectors, from consumer applications to business software to coding education.


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