Anatomy of Next: New World with Mike Solana

Mars is a cold, inhospitable planet far from earth. It presents one of the most complex challenges faced by engineers: how can we create a new world?

To create a new world, first we have to get there. We can build new rockets with improved propulsion systems. We can build ships that allow us to survive the long, grueling trip from Earth to Mars. We can build robots that will help us construct our new home. And this is just the beginning. Mars could be warmed, and could develop a hydrologic cycle like the system of clouds and oceans on earth. Mars could be a place for new ideas and new cultures, unfettered by the conventions of Earth.

Mike Solana is the host of Anatomy of Next, a podcast about technologies and philosophies of the future. He’s also a vice president at Founder’s Fund. In a previous episode, Mike joined the show to talk about artificial intelligence, genetics, and robotics. Today, we discuss Mars.

The latest season of Anatomy of Next explores the science that is bringing us closer to exploring other planets. On his podcast, Mike speaks with engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs about the state of the art of space technology–as well as the challenges that remain unsolved.

Mike returns to the show to discuss this dream of a new world. Why should we go to Mars? And why should the software engineers listening to this podcast even care?

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