Multicloud with Ben Hindman

Most applications today are either deployed to on-premise environments or deployed to a single cloud provider.

Developers who are deploying on-prem struggle to set up complicated open source tools like Kafka and Hadoop. Developers who are deploying to a cloud provider tend to stay within that specific cloud provider, because moving between different clouds and integrating services across clouds adds complexity.

Ben Hindman started the Apache Mesos project when he was working in the Berkeley AMPLab. Mesos is a scheduler for resources in a distributed system, allowing compute and storage to be scheduled onto jobs that can use those resources. In his time at the AMPLab, Ben collaborated with Matei Zaharia, creator of Apache Spark.

Ben founded Mesosphere based off of his work on Apache Mesos, and since 2013 he has been building a company to bring it to market. In the meantime, several market forces have influenced the enterprise market.

Enterprise businesses built on virtual machines and on-prem hardware are trying to migrate to containers, Kubernetes, and Spark. Cloud providers like Google and Microsoft have risen to prominence in addition to Amazon’s continued growth, and enterprises are increasingly willing to adopt multiple clouds.

I spoke with Ben Hindman at Kubecon North America. Today, the company that he co-founded works to provide tools for managing these changes in infrastructure. In our conversation, we talked about the necessary mindset shifts for taking a research project and turning it into a highly successful product. We also talked about the newer trends in infrastructure–why enterprises will want multicloud deployments and how serverless APIs and backends will make the lives of developers much easier.


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