Market Strategy with Herb Cunitz

Market strategy defines how a company is positioning itself to be successful. This strategy encompasses engineering, sales, marketing, recruiting, and everything else within a company.

Herb Cunitz has led teams at Hortonworks, VMware, SpringSource, and several other companies over his 30 year career in software. After working as president of Hortonworks, Herb started AccelG2M. AccelG2M works with software companies to define their go-to-market strategy.

Software companies require a great deal of long-term strategic thinking. Engineering, sales, marketing, and leadership must work together to build a plan that will allow the company to reach an exit: either an acquisition or an IPO.

Executives at a software company must create a clear strategy and communicate it to the employees throughout the organization. The strategy must be implemented, meeting deadlines and hitting milestones. New team members must be recruited, and unsuccessful workers must be let go.

In today’s show, Herb provides some invaluable strategic wisdom for anyone working in software–whether you are an engineer, salesperson, or investor.


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