Parity: Blockchain Infrastructure with Gavin Wood

Parity is a company that builds blockchain infrastructure. Parity has built several open source projects and works with enterprises to put blockchain technology in production. Gavin Wood is the founder of Parity, and he joins the show to talk about the state of blockchain technology and what his company is currently focused on. Four years ago, Gavin helped start the Ethereum project, so he has lots of context on decentralized technology.

Gavin envisions a world with many different blockchains for many different use cases. These blockchains will interact with each other to enable trusted relationships between parties. One project that Parity has created is Substrate, a technology that allows developers to quickly stand up a blockchain with the right privacy level. Another project is Polkadot, which allows blockchains to connect and interoperate with each other.

Gavin and I discussed why the world needs a variety of blockchains–and whether all of these different blockchains should need their own cryptocurrency. Gavin described the use case of blockchains for mediating supply chain trust. We also talked about the technologies used to build these projects, including WebAssembly and Rust.


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