Scaling Lyft with Matt Klein

Matt Klein has worked for three rapidly growing Internet companies. At AWS, he worked on EC2, the compute-as-a-service product that powers a large percentage of the Internet. At Twitter, he helped scale the infrastructure in the chaotic days before Twitter’s IPO. Today he works at Lyft, building systems to allow for ride sharing infrastructure to work more safely and reliably.

Hypergrowth Internet companies are faced with quickly growing demands on their software. The demands on the software expose problems with the core infrastructure. Simultaneously, the company tries to ramp up its hiring process. More engineers get hired, and the institutional knowledge within the company starts to weaken. Documentation gets out of date. Senior engineers burn out and leave the company.

When a company starts growing quickly, communications can break down. A hypergrowth company can suffer from a lack of “human scalability”. Matt Klein has observed these challenges at AWS, Twitter, and Lyft. In his article “The Human Scalability of ‘DevOps’”, he explains why these problems manifest and what can be done to alleviate them.

In a previous show, Matt discussed the engineering challenges at Lyft that led him to create Envoy, a service proxy. This episode covers some broad technical topics–DevOps, site reliability engineering, platform engineering–but the episode is mostly about how a hypergrowth company can manage culture, hiring, and engineering organization.

Matt is a very fun guest to have because he questions some of the strange practices that have been widely adopted by successful companies. Internet companies are a very new phenomenon, and the management tactics that they have adopted are not well proven–so it is great to have someone like Matt provide a fresh perspective on ways that companies can scale their technology and their organization more effectively.


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