Cursor: Data Collaboration with Adam Weinstein

Linkedin is an organization with thousands of employees. An enterprise of that size starts to develop problems with data collaboration. Data collaboration is the process of sharing and analyzing data with multiple users, such as data scientists, business analysts, and engineers.

How do data scientists know what questions to ask? How do business analysts know the right way to query a database? How does a data engineer even find where the right database is within the company infrastructure? And how can these different users share information with each other so that redundant work is avoided?

When Adam Weinstein was at Linkedin, he saw these problems firsthand. The process of accessing and utilizing data felt slow and broken. Engineers were searching through a company wiki to find out how to leverage data, and the wiki was often out of date. When an engineer would leave the company, there was not a durable, institutional memory of how that engineer worked with data.

Adam used this experience as inspiration for Cursor, a tool for data collaboration. Cursor allows different users in the data pipeline to share data sets, queries, access patterns, and comments about data within a company. Cursor is used by Linkedin, Slack, Apple, and other companies. Adam is the CEO of Cursor, and he joins the show for an interview about the problems and opportunities of data collaboration.


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