Android on Chrome with Shahid Hussain and Stefan Kuhne

Google has two consumer operating systems: Android and Chrome. The Android operating system has been widely deployed on mobile devices. Chrome is an operating system for laptops and tablets, originally based around the Chrome browser.

For several years, these two ecosystems were mostly separate–you could not run Android apps on a Chrome operating system. Shahid Hussain and Stefan Kuhne are engineers at Google who worked on support for Android apps on ChromeOS. The implementation of Android on Chrome involves running the Android OS in a Linux container on the host Chrome operating system.

In today’s episode, Shahid and Stefan compare the Android and Chrome operating system platforms. They explain why Google has two different consumer operating systems, and the advantages of allowing Android apps to deploy to Chrome.

Shahid and Stefan also talk about the challenges of porting mobile applications to ChromeOS. Android apps are made to run on small screens and tablets. In order to make them run on ChromeOS, the applications need to support running on a desktop or laptop.


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