Continuous Delivery Pipelines with Abel Wang

Continuous integration and delivery allows teams to move faster by allowing developers to ship code independently of each other. A multi-stage CD pipeline might consist of development, staging, testing, and production. At each of these stages, a new piece of code undergoes additional tests, so that when the code finally makes it to production, the developers can be certain it won’t break the rest of the project.

In a company, the different engineers working on a software project are given the permissions to ship code through a continuous delivery pipeline. Employees at a company have a strong incentive not to push buggy code to production. But what about open source contributors? What does the ideal continuous delivery workflow look like for an open source project?

Abel Wang works on Azure Pipelines, a continuous integration and delivery tool from Microsoft. Azure Pipelines is designed to work with open source projects as well as companies. Abel joins the show to talk about using continuous integration and delivery within open source, and the process of designing a CI/CD tool that can work in any language and environment. Full disclosure: Microsoft is a sponsor of SE Daily.


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