DEV Community with Ben Halpern

The DEV Community is a platform where developers share ideas, programming advice, and tools. Ben Halpern started it after running an extremely successful Twitter account creating humorous tweets for developers. One way to describe DEV Community is as a cross between Medium, Stack Overflow, and Reddit–but it has its own personality, so I recommend checking it out.

The DEV Community was open sourced, and we discussed the challenges and the opportunities of having an open source social network. We also talked about his plans for the future, and where he is taking DEV Community.

Ben is an entrepreneur who tries lots of different creative projects, so his perspective has always resonated with me. Ben has been on the show a few times before, when we talked about the state of developer media, side projects, and the identity of the software engineer.

DEV Community was originally called Practical Dev, which I mistakenly referred to it as in the earlier parts of the show.


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