Software Law: GDPR, Patents, and Antitrust with Micah Kesselman

The world of software moves faster than the laws that regulate it. When software companies do get regulated, that regulation is often enforced unevenly among different companies.

Software continually presents the legal system with new requirements. Consumer data privacy needs to be enforced on a granular level. Software developers need a system of protecting their intellectual property. When a company becomes dominant, our legal system needs to scrutinize that company for potential antitrust violations.

Micah Kesselman is a lawyer specializing in software IP prosecution. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he studied computer science. He joins the show to discuss a range of issues at the intersection of software and the law–including GDPR, software patents, and self-driving cars.

These are topics we will cover in more detail in the future, but it was great to have Micah bring the perspective of a lawyer to the show.

Show Notes

Massachusetts Autonomous Vehicles Working Group


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