Superpedestrian Robotic Wheel / Infrastructure at HubSpot Meetup Talks

Superpedestrian is a robotic bicycle wheel that learns how you pedal and personalizes your bicycle ride. The engineering challenges of Superpedestrian are at the intersection of robotics, software, and real-time analytics. The first half of today’s show is about Superpedestrian. Goss Nuzzo Jones and Matt Cole are engineers at Superpedestrian. The slides for their presentation are also in the show notes.

The second half of today’s show is about HubSpot, a massive business with lots of infrastructure challenges. Thomas Petr explained how HubSpot’s engineering has matured, and some of the scaling problems they have tackled.

Last month, we had three Software Engineering Daily Meetups: in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. At each of these Meetups, listeners from the SE Daily community got to meet each other and talk about software–what they are building and what they are excited about. I was happy to be in attendance at each of these, and I am posting the talks given by our presenters. The audio quality is not perfect on these, but there are also no ads.

Thank you to HubSpot for hosting this Meetup–they have beautiful offices and if you are looking for a job (or if you want to host a technology Meetup in the Boston area) I strongly recommend checking them out.

We’d love to have you as part of our community. We will have more Meetups eventually, and you can be notified of these by signing up for our newsletter. Come to and get involved with the discussion of episodes and software projects. You can also check out our open source projects–the mobile apps, and our website.


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