Building Datadog with Alexis Le-Quoc

Alexis Le-Quoc started Datadog in 2010, after living through the Internet boom and bust cycle of the late 90s and early 2000s. In 2010, cloud was just starting to become popular. There was a gap in the market for infrastructure monitoring tools, which Alexis helped fill with the first version of Datadog.

Since 2010, the number of different cloud infrastructure products has proliferated. There were new databases, queueing systems, virtualization and containerization tools. Web 2.0 took off, and thousands of new Internet businesses got started. Many of these businesses used Datadog to monitor their increasingly wide range of infrastructure configurations–and Datadog began to scale.

On today’s show, Alexis tells the story of how Datadog grew from its first product into a variety of tools–infrastructure monitoring, logging, and application performance monitoring. Monitoring is a unique challenge–there is a ton of data, the data is latency sensitive, and the data is operationally important. These engineering constraints provide for a great conversation. Alexis is the CTO of Datadog, and we talked about cloud providers, building a business, infrastructure, and how to scale engineering management. Full disclosure: Datadog is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.


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