Monitoring Kubernetes with Ilan Rabinovitch

Monitoring a Kubernetes cluster allows operators to track the resource utilization of the containers within that cluster. In today’s episode, Ilan Rabinovitch joins the show to explore the different options for setting up monitoring, and some common design patterns around Kubernetes logging and metrics gathering.

Ilan is the VP of product and community at Datadog. Earlier in his career, Ilan spent much of his time working with Linux and taking part in the Linux community. We discussed the similarities and differences between the evolution of Linux and that of Kubernetes.

In previous episodes, we have explored some common open source solutions for monitoring Kubernetes–including Prometheus and the EFK stack. Since Ilan works at Datadog, we explored how hosted solutions compare to self-managed monitoring. We also talked about how to assess different hosted solutions–such as those from a large cloud provider like AWS versus vendors that are specifically focused on monitoring. Full disclosure: Datadog is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.


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