Sports Deep Learning with Yu-Han Chang and Jeff Su

A basketball game gives off endless amounts of data. Cameras from all angles capture the players making their way around the court, dribbling, passing, and shooting. With computer vision, a computer can build a well-defined understanding for what a sport looks like. With other machine learning techniques, the computer can make predictions by combining historical data with a game that is going on right now.

Second Spectrum is a company that builds products for analyzing sports. At major basketball arenas, Second Spectrum cameras sit above the court, recording the game and feeding that information to the cloud. Second Spectrum’s servers crunch on the raw data, processing it through computer vision and putting it into deep learning models. The output can be utilized by teams, coaches, and fans.

Yu-Han Chang and Jeff Su are co-founders of Second Spectrum. They join the show to describe the data pipeline of Second Spectrum from the cameras on the basketball court to the entertaining visualizations. After talking to them, I am convinced that machine learning will completely change how sports are played–and will probably open up a platform for new sports to be invented.

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