Breaking Into Startups

Many people find themselves going down a career path that does not bring them satisfaction. A lawyer finds himself constantly working cases he doesn’t care about. A student in medical school gets completely burned out from hospital bureaucracy. An investment banker no longer finds joy in the accounting statements that she used to enthusiastically study.

Startups offer a different career path. Within a startup, an employee can often find creativity, limited bureaucracy, and highly variable reward structures. These ingredients make the world of startups both refreshing and intimidating to someone who feels stuck in a career that no longer gives them joy.

Breaking Into Startups is a podcast about people coming from non-traditional backgrounds and making their way into startups. Breaking Into Startups is run by Artur and Timur Meyster and Ruben Harris, who join me for a conversation about how they migrated from more traditional careers to startups–and how many other people are doing the same.

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