VueJS with Evan You



“When you have different goals – it’s impossible to say ‘we have the best practices for doing everything’. Because the web is just so versatile.”

Vue.js is a lightweight front-end JavaScript framework that makes it simple to begin prototyping and building web interfaces. Vue.js provides a flexible API for MVVM data bindings, and can serve as an alternative to other front-end frameworks like Angular and React.

Evan You is the creator of Vue and a core developer at Meteor.


  • What is unique about rapid prototyping in web development?
  • What are the workflow pains of using React?
  • How does the MVVM architecture work?
  • Could you go into Angular’s issues of scalability?
  • Is one-way data binding superior to two-way data binding?
  • As the Vue ecosystem develops will there be an analog to the flux architecture?
  • What are some best practices for building an application with Vue?


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