MotherCoders with Tina Lee


“There was a need to create a space where mothers felt welcome, because our challenges – they’re very different from people who are learning who don’t have these types of caregiving responsibilities.”

MotherCoders is a program that helps mothers gain technical skills with the support of a community and benefits like on-site childcare.

Tina Lee is the Founder of MotherCoders, having created the program to meet her own need after trying to find existing support systems while learning how to code.


  • What inspired you to start MotherCoders?
  • What do you mean by the “new economy”?
  • Do you see imposter syndrome being an obstacle when people are starting to code?
  • Why do mothers represent an ideal group to bridge the gap in tech employment?
  • There is a saying – when you empower a woman, you empower the family. Why is this?
  • How can people get involved with MotherCoders?


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