Intelligence and National Security with Adrián Lamo


“If you don’t like what you see sometimes when you look at the world, it’s incumbent on you – you do something about it.”

Adrián Lamo is a threat analyst, hacker, and writer. In the early 2000’s, Adrián was a hobbyist white-hat hacker, breaking into companies to expose vulnerabilities and fix them.

In 2010, Adrian informed the US Army that Chelsea Manning had provided more than 260,000 documents to Wikileaks.

This interview does not discuss the Manning case, because we covered that topic in our Quoracast interview several months ago.


  • What are the responsibilities of the government towards its citizens on the internet?
  • Why is Keybase useful to you?
  • What is the significance of the Ashley Madison attack?
  • What is the nature of our conflict with ISIS?
  • Is security a purely defensive concept?


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