Security: Fundamental Questions

New types of computers and systems create fresh problems for IT security experts.

Security Week is about the vulnerabilities in our accelerating world, and the people and companies that are working to guard against those vulnerabilities.

Processor-powered automobiles and cryptocurrencies are new types of networks. They require new types of security models.

Academic distributed systems theory is proving necessary but not sufficient.

This week is also about the societal consequences of security vulnerabilities.

August 31 – September 6th features interviews about a wide range of Computer Security topics.

The following questions are on my mind:

  • What is the difference between security and privacy?
  • What is different about computer security in newer areas such as cryptocurrencies, cars, and internet-of-things?
  • What themes recur during Security Week?
  • What are the individual lessons to take away from recent watershed security events, namely Ashley Madison, the Jeep hacking, the fall of Mt. Gox, Stuxnet, and the Snowden disclosures?

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