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Investing in Infrastructure and Dev Tools with Timothy Chen

Venture capital investment has continued to flow into technology startups.  No one builds technology from scratch.  There are cloud services, software libraries, 3rd party services,

Modern Data Infrastructure and Tools with Leigh Marie Braswell

The first industrial deployments of machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions were bespoke by definition and often had brittle operating characteristics.  Almost no one

Preface with Farooq Abbasi

In this episode we discuss venture capital and more with Preface Ventures Founder and General Partner Farooq Abbasi. This interview was also recorded as a video podcast. Check out the

How to Convince Ashmeet Sidana to Invest in Your Business

Ashmeet Sidana is the founder of Engineering Capital.

Software Investing with David Rosenthal

In this episode we discuss software investing, business, and the future with David Rosenthal, co-host of the Acquired podcast. This interview was also recorded as our very first video