Software Architecture

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IFTTT Architecture with Nicky Leach

It’s 9pm at night, and you are hungry. You order a pizza from Domino’s. You live on a street that’s dark, and so you have installed a smart lightbulb in front of your mailbox that

Video Infrastructure with Matt McClure and Jon Dahl

Playing a video on the Internet seems simple. You press play, the video gets delivered, and boom–you are watching Game of Thrones, right? It’s a bit more complicated. Unless you

Serverless Startup with Yan Cui

After raising $18 million, social networking startup Yubl made a series of costly mistakes. Yubl hired an army of expensive contractors to build out its iOS and Android apps. Drama at

Software Architecture with Simon Brown

Software architecture address the challenge of communicating and navigating large, complex systems to stakeholders, both technical and non-technical.  Over the years software

Failure Injection with Kolton Andrus

Servers in a data center fail. Sometimes entire data centers have a power outage. Bugs in an application make it into production. Human operators make mistakes and cause data to be