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React Native Interfaces with Leland Richardson

Airbnb is a company that is driven by design. New user interfaces are dreamed up by designers and implemented for web, iOS, and Android. This implementation process takes a lot of

Google’s Polymer Project with Rob Dodson

Smart phone apps have better performance than web apps. When we have an application that we use on a regular basis, we download that application to a smart phone rather than using the

React.js Conf with Brent Vatne

“With React, it’s so much easier to create a mental model of what’s going on in your application.” React is a set of technologies started by Facebook and open-sourced in
react conf

Code Cartoons with Lin Clark

“So much writing about tech is cheerleading – really being enthusiastic and throwing around words that don’t necessarily mean the things that people think they mean.” Lin Clark
code cartoons

OpenGov with Andrew Clark

“By the time I joined, people were already starting to have this microservice fatigue.” Continue reading…