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Shoreline: Pod Debugging and Management Automation

Kubernetes has dominated the cloud application development landscape. First developed in 2015, Kubernetes won the container orchestration wars against rivals such as Mesosphere and

Grafana with Torkel Ödegaard

Grafana is an open source visualization and monitoring tool that is used for creating dashboards and charting time series data. Grafana is used by thousands of companies to monitor their

Time Series Databases with Rob Skillington

A time series database is optimized for the storage of high volumes of sequential data across time. Time series databases are often organized as columnar data stores that can write large

Uber’s Monitoring Platform with Rob Skillington

Uber manages the car rides for millions of people. The Uber system must remain operational 24/7, and the app involves financial transactions and the safety of passengers. Uber

Prometheus Scalability with Bryan Boreham

Prometheus is an open source monitoring system and time series database. Prometheus includes a multi-dimensional data model, a query language called PromQL, and a pull model for