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Netflix Engineering with Jay Phelps

Today, you can access Netflix on virtually any device. For a Netflix user, this seamless experience can be easy to take for granted, but it requires an enormous engineering effort. Jay

Iceberg at Netflix and Beyond with Ryan Blue

Apache Iceberg is an open source high-performance format for huge data tables. Iceberg enables the use of SQL tables for big data, while making it possible for engines like Spark and

Netflix UIs at Scale with Shaundai Person

Netflix needs no introduction and is renowned for its engineering talent. Shaundai Person is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, blogger, and conference speaker. She joins the show

Metaflow: Netflix Machine Learning Platform with Savin Goyal

Netflix runs all of its infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. This includes business logic, data infrastructure, and machine learning. By tightly coupling itself to AWS, Netflix has

Netflix Early Days with Greg Burrell

Netflix started with a DVD-by-mail product. The software infrastructure and operations practices needed for the DVD business were very different from those needed by a streaming video