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Zencastr with Josh Nielsen

There are certain experiences when a product solves a problem so thoroughly and elegantly that it lifts a weight off of your shoulders that you didn’t even know was there. Dropbox did

Google Brain Music Generation with Doug Eck

Most popular music today uses a computer as the central instrument. A single musician is often selecting the instruments, programming the drum loops, composing the melodies, and mixing

Sampling with Daniel Trostli

Every song you hear on the radio is written with a computer. Computer musicians mostly use synthesizers and samples to compose these songs. A sample is a snippet of recorded sound,

Musicians’ GitHub with Alan Grow

Music collaboration software that works over the Internet is a software challenge that has not been fully tackled. On today’s Internet, users collaborate intensively on programming

Music Deep Learning with Feynman Liang

Machine learning can be used to generate music. In the case of Feynman Liang’s research project BachBot, the machine learning model is seeded with the music of famous composer Bach.