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Music Engineering with Dom Kane

For most of history, a typical musician would learn to play one specific instrument. As synthesizers became available to the public, it became commonplace for a musician to create their

Zencastr with Josh Nielsen

There are certain experiences when a product solves a problem so thoroughly and elegantly that it lifts a weight off of your shoulders that you didn’t even know was there. Dropbox did

Google Brain Music Generation with Doug Eck

Most popular music today uses a computer as the central instrument. A single musician is often selecting the instruments, programming the drum loops, composing the melodies, and mixing

Sampling with Daniel Trostli

Every song you hear on the radio is written with a computer. Computer musicians mostly use synthesizers and samples to compose these songs. A sample is a snippet of recorded sound,

Musicians’ GitHub with Alan Grow

Music collaboration software that works over the Internet is a software challenge that has not been fully tackled. On today’s Internet, users collaborate intensively on programming