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Legal Technology with Justin Kan

Imagine that you are a lawyer. Your work involves managing files with dense, technical text. Your co-workers collaborate with you to accomplish a complex goal that can be broken down

Patents with Nicole Shanahan

Patents allow individuals and company to lay creative claim for an invention. A patent can provide protection from having its idea being used without giving credit to its creators. Of

Equity Compensation with Joshua Levy and Joe Wallin

When an engineer has offered a job at a tech company, their compensation is often partly in cash and partly in equity–shares of the company. How should an engineer evaluate that

Robot Lawyer with Joshua Browder

You have probably received a parking ticket that you felt was unfair,   but instead of fighting it, you paid the expensive price to get rid of it quickly. Fighting a parking ticket

Electronic Frontier Foundation with Nate Cardozo

When the US government hacks its own citizens, The Electronic Frontier Foundation is often the best source of reporting to find out what laws the government has broken. When a change to